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Interface SpecialType

Special types are used to set properties to the block. Unlike items, blocks properties are defined using special types, due to old Inner Core's block ids limitations


  • SpecialType



Optional base

base: number

Vanilla block ID to inherit some of the properties. Default is 0

Optional destroytime

destroytime: number

Specifies the time required to destroy the block, in ticks

Optional explosionres

explosionres: number

Specifies how block resists to the explosions. Default value is 3

Optional friction

friction: number

Specifies how player walks on this block. The higher the friction is, the more difficult it is to change speed and direction. Default value is 0.6000000238418579

Optional lightlevel

lightlevel: number

If non-zero value is used, the block emits light of that value. Default is false, use values from 1 to 15 to set light level

Optional lightopacity

lightopacity: number

Specifies how opaque the block is. Default is 0 (solid), use values from 1 to 15 to make the block opaque

Optional mapcolor

mapcolor: number

Block color when displayed on the vanilla maps

Optional material

material: number

Block material constant. Default is 3

Optional name

name: string

Unique string identifier of the SpecialType

Optional renderallfaces

renderallfaces: boolean

If true, all block faces are rendered, otherwise back faces are not rendered (for optimization purposes). Default is false

Optional renderlayer

renderlayer: number

Specifies the layer that is used to render the block. Default is 4

Optional rendertype

rendertype: number

Sets render type of the block. Default is 0 (full block), use other values to change block's shape

Optional solid

solid: boolean

If true, the block is not transparent. Default is false

Optional sound

sound: "normal" | "gravel" | "wood" | "grass" | "metal" | "stone" | "cloth" | "glass" | "sand" | "snow" | "ladder" | "anvil" | "slime" | "silent" | "itemframe" | "turtle_egg" | "bamboo" | "bamboo_sapling" | "lantern" | "scaffolding" | "sweet_berry_bush" | "default"

Specifies sounds of the block

Optional translucency

translucency: number

Specifies render of shadows on the block. Default is 0 (no shadows), allows float values from 0 to 1

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