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Callbacks is a mechanism that allows to handle and prevent some of the in-game events as well as user-invoked events. When some native event occurs, all callback functions registered for this event are called. To add a callback to some event, use Callback.addCallback function. To invoke a custom event, use Callback.invokeCallback. To prevent the default flow of the event, use Game.prevent.

All pre-defined (in-game) callbacks with their functions interfaces are listed below. If no function interface is provided, use a function with no params and return value:

UI callbacks

ContainerOpened occurs when user opens some container. See ContainerOpenedFunction for details

ContainerClosed occurs when some container is closed. See ContainerClosedFunction for details

CustomWindowOpened occurs when every single window is opened. Called for every window and subwindow. Examples of subwindows include standard inventory, window title, main window, etc. See CustomWindowOpenedFunction for details

CustomWindowClosed occurs when every single window is closed. See CustomWindowClosedFunction for details

Workbench callbacks

CraftRecipePreProvided occurs before crafting is performed. See CraftRecipePreProvidedFunction for details

CraftRecipeProvided occurs after crafting recipe result is determined. See CraftRecipeProvidedFunction for details

VanillaWorkbenchCraft occurs just before adding crafting recipe result to player's inventory. See VanillaWorkbenchCraftFunction for details

VanillaWorkbenchPostCraft occurs after adding crafting recipe result to player's inventory. See VanillaWorkbenchCraftFunction for details

VanillaWorkbenchRecipeSelected occurs when player selects recipe in the workbench. See VanillaWorkbenchRecipeSelectedFunction for details

Inner Core and Core Engine callbacks

CoreConfigured occurs when Inner Core default configuration file is loaded. See CoreConfiguredFunction for details

PreLoaded occurs directly after "CoreConfigured" callback

APILoaded occurs directly after "PreLoaded" callback

ModsLoaded occurs directly after "APILoaded" callback

PostLoaded occurs directly after "ModsLoaded" callback. Last of the loading callbacks

AppSuspended occurs when Minecraft application is paused

NativeGuiChanged occurs when vanilla screen changes. See NativeGuiChangedFunction for details

ReadSaves occurs when reading saves from global scope. See SavesFunction for details

WriteSaves occurs when writing saves to global scope. See SavesFunction for details

Worlds and dimensions callbacks

tick is main game tick. This callback is called 20 times per second and is used to define all dynamic events in the game. Avoid overloading tick functions and use Updatables and TileEntitys when possible

LevelSelected occurs when the level is selected and will be loaded. See LevelSelectedFunction for details

LevelCreated occurs when level is created in the memory of the device

LevelDisplayed occurs when level is displayed to the player

LevelPreLoaded occurs before some level initialization

LevelLoaded occurs when level is completely loaded and is ready to be displayed to the player

DimensionLoaded occurs when vanilla or custom dimension is loaded. See DimensionLoadedFunction for details

LevelPreLeft occurs when player starts leaving world

LevelLeft occurs when player completes leaving world

PreBlocksDefined occurs before saving block data while loading world

BlocksDefined occurs after saving block data while loading world

Player actions callbacks

DestroyBlock occurs when player breaks block. See DestroyBlockFunction for details

DestroyBlockStart occurs when player starts breaking block. Has the same parameters as "DestroyBlock" callback, see DestroyBlockFunction for details

DestroyBlockContinue occurs when player continues breaking block. Occurs several times during one block breaking. See DestroyBlockContinueFunction for details

BuildBlock occurs when player places block somewhere in the world. See BuildBlockFunction for details

BlockChanged occurs when block changes in the world. To capture this event you should register blocks that you need to watch using World.setBlockChangeCallbackEnabled method. All block changes that are related to the registered blocks trigger this event. See BlockChangedFunction for details

ItemUse occurs when player uses item on some block. Doesn't work if vanilla container is opened (e.g. chest, workbench, etc.). Use "ItemUseLocalServer" to track such events instead. See ItemUseFunction for details

ItemUseLocalServer occurs when player uses some item on the local server. Can be used to prevent vanilla container from opening. See ItemUseFunction for details

FoodEaten occurs when player eats food. See FoodEatenFunction for details

ExpAdd occurs when player gains some experience. See ExpAddFunction for details

ExpLevelAdd occurs when player gains some experience levels. See ExpLevelAddFunction for details

NativeCommand occurs when player enters some command. See NativeCommandFunction for details

PlayerAttack occurs when player attacks some entity. See PlayerAttackFunction for details

EntityInteract occurs when player longclick some entity (interacts with it). See EntityInteractFunction for details

ItemUseNoTarget occurs when an item is used in the air. See ItemUseNoTargetFunction for details

ItemUsingReleased occurs when player doesn't complete using item that has maximum use time set with Item.setMaxUseDuration function. See ItemUsingReleasedFunction for details

ItemUsingComplete when player completes using item that has maximum use time set with Item.setMaxUseDuration function. See ItemUsingCompleteFunction for details

Entities and environment callbacks

Explosion occurs when something is exploded in the world. See ExplosionFunction for details

EntityAdded occurs when an entity is added in the world. See EntityAddedFunction for details

EntityRemoved occurs when an entity is removed from the world. See EntityRemovedFunction for details

EntityDeath occurs when an entity dies. See EntityDeathFunction for details

EntityHurt occurs when an entity is hurt. See EntityHurtFunction for details

ProjectileHit occurs when a projectile entity hits entity or block. See ProjectileHitFunction for details

Items and blocks callbacks

RedstoneSignal occurs when redstone signal changes on the specified coordinates. To register block as redstone consumer, use Block.setRedstoneTile function. See RedstoneSignalFunction for details

PopBlockResources occurs when block is destroyed somehow (not by player). See PopBlockResourcesFunction for details

CustomBlockTessellation occurs when custom block rendering needs to be performed. See CustomBlockTessellationFunction for details

ItemIconOverride occurs when displaying item somewhere to override item's icon. You can use it to change item's icon depending on some item state. See ItemIconOverrideFunction for details

ItemNameOverride occurs when displaying item name to override it. You can use it to display item charge, status, etc. See ItemNameOverrideFunction for details

ItemDispensed occurs when an item is dispensed using dispenser. See [ItemDispensedFunction]] for details

Generation callbacks

GenerateChunk occurs when generating chunk in overworld. Should be used for all generation process. See GenerateChunkFunction for details

GenerateChunkUnderground occurs when generating chunk's underground in overworld. Can be used for all underground generation process (though it is OK to use "GenerateChunk" for it as well). See GenerateChunkFunction for details

GenerateNetherChunk occurs when generating chunk in neather world. See GenerateChunkFunction for details

GenerateEndChunk occurs when generating chunk in end world. See GenerateChunkFunction for details

GenerateChunkUniversal occurs when any chunk is generated. See GenerateChunkFunction for details

GenerateBiomeMap occurs after generating vanilla biome map so that we can modify it before the covers generation. See Biomes for the biomes generation information. See GenerateChunkFunction for details

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