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Materials and Shaders

Inner Core allows you to add new materials and attach shaders to them to use for items in the inventory and 3d models.

Material is a set of OpenGL properties, vertex and fragment shaders that is used for an in-game object.

Adding custom materials

Custom materials files should be located in the resource pack in the custom-materials directory. Each file should have .material extension and can contain one or multiple material descriptions. An example of such a file for vanilla barrel material is listed below:

  "materials": {
    "version": "1.0.0",

    "barrier": {
      "+defines": [ "ALPHA_TEST", "TEXEL_AA", "ATLAS_TEXTURE" ],
      "+states": [ "DisableAlphaWrite" ],

      "vertexFields": [
        { "field": "Position" },
        { "field": "UV1" },
        { "field": "Color" },
        { "field": "UV0" }

      "vertexShader": "shaders/barrier.vertex",
      "vrGeometryShader": "shaders/uv.geometry",
      "fragmentShader": "shaders/renderchunk.fragment",

      "msaaSupport": "Both",

      "depthFunc": "LessEqual",

      "blendSrc": "SourceAlpha",
      "blendDst": "OneMinusSrcAlpha",

      "+samplerStates": [
          "samplerIndex": 0,
          "textureFilter": "TexelAA"
          "samplerIndex": 1,
          "textureFilter": "Bilinear"

Full documentation of .material file format is currently unavailable.

You can inherit an existing material using material_name:material_parent syntax in your material declaration.

Note that Minecraft doesn't display any materials or shaders compilation errors and doesn't display an object with invalid materials or shaders at all.

Using custom shaders

You can add custom shaders to your mod by locating them in the custom-shaders directory or in child directories.

Custom shaders for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition use GLSL language. You can find some of the examples of shaders in Minecraft's vanilla resource pack. We recommend using entity.vertex / entity.fragment as a scratch.

If you locate your shader in one of the subdirectories, you should use relative path in your material declaration.

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